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KDES Sales and Inventory Management Solution is a professionally built software aimed at helping wholesale and retail business owners such as Supermarkets,Phone accessories dealers, Pharmacies, Groceries, Boutiques, Gas plant, Bookshop etc. streamline their operations such as easily tracking and managing Inventory, performing & monitoring everyday sales more efficiently, supporting employees to provide accurate inventory reports such as stock level, quantity of products in the stock & its monetary value, quantity of product sold over a period of time, expected profit, incurred loss, sales summary etc.


The following are some of the benefits of using this powerful software for small, medium and large businesses:

  • Prevents Running out of Stock: Running out of stock is not good for a business. If a product is running low, you don’t want to wait until it’s out of stock to order more. this can lead to loss of customers and vital business opportunities. Running out of stock not only loses the immediate sale, but can erode customer trust for your business. They might assume that you’re unlikely to have other products they may need in the future and hence choose a competitor the next time they’re shopping. KDES SIMS will help to prevent a company from running out of stock. It achieves this by using an effective algorithm to know when a particular product reaches its reorder level/trash hold; and then automatically sends out low stock alert notification.
  • 99% Accurate Inventory: KDES will help businesses to track and monitor each product that enters and exits the company during production, purchase, storage and sales. You will be fully informed of any irregularities.
  • Access Control: KDES SIMS allow business owners to control access and user permissions. These permissions help prevent the potential possibility of a data breach and product theft.
  • Scalable: KDES is designed with a pattern that easily match new demands and requirements
  • Centralized business activities: For businesses with multiple location, warehouses, branches, stores etc. KDES Cloud option ensures business owners can easily monitor sales on each of these locations.
  • Speed: KDES can process complex queries and perform retrieval of over 10 million products/records in few milliseconds
  • Providing More Accurate Reports:  Tracking your stock with KDES will provide you with more accurate reports. This can also help you identify new opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Making reorders more efficiently: With KDES SIMS, reordering raw materials and products is much more efficient; this is because of the provision of the report that highlight what items are currently in stock and available and what items that needs reordering.
  • Wholesale and Retail: KDES SIMS mitigates the need of having 2 different applications for retail sales and wholesales.
  •  Multiple Deployment Options: KDES SIMS allow deployment either Onsite / On-premise or online in a remote web server  read Differences between Local POS (Offline) and Cloud-Based / Internet-Based POS (Online) and Their working principle

 In addition, KDES also help businesses prepare for the future by providing analytics that can help in determining the top products customers often purchase the most.



1.  Inventory Tracking: KDES SIMS tracks the status of products in stock which helps to minimize losses such as impromptu expiration. In addition, the system automatically generates a batch code number when it creates a purchase receipt or invoice and product code. Similar products that will be sold as single and in carton can have the same barcode number with different prices.

2. Responsiveness: KDES SIMS fits in well irrespective of the device (Mobile or Computer) being used.

3. Point of Sale System with Barcoding Technology: KDES SIMS Point-of-sale systems (Retail and Wholesale) assist in sales of any kind of product, payments and issuing of receipts to customers. It is worth noting that the point of sale can only be opened in a recognized location; Only Authorized persons can define locations where the POS will be used / accessed. This will prevent sellers from accessing the POS outside the office.

4. Critical Inventory Alerts/Notification: KDES SIMS was designed to automatically send various notification such as expiration of products, Creditors, Debtors, Product Reorder point level, new orders by customers that wasn’t available, and many more.

5. Inventory Control: KDES can help Admins to handle products that are already in stock (for both retail and wholesale). Inventory control tools can categorize products by type, location, product id, and batch code. Also, auditing data, generating reports, search, filter, setting product prices etc.

6. Stock Returns Handling: This is one of the most important features of KDES. When you are dealing in the business space, there will be many instances where your products would be purchased, delivered to the customer and returned for various reasons. In such a case, it can be overwhelming to manually keep track of returned stocks, and deciding what happens with them. Hence, Using KDES Sales and Inventory Management Solution, an authorized person will be able to reverse sale transactions efficiently and keep track of all sale returns.

7. New Order Management as they arrive from customers: Taking new orders / request that are currently not available in stock is easily done with KDES SIMS. This feature will help Admins to improve the customer experience and make better decisions.

8. Control over user access and permissions: KDES Sales and Inventory Management Solution allow admins to set access permissions to employees. This is because not every employee needs access to every part of the inventory. This enables you to keep data secured and give access to employees when needed it, thereby ensuring data integrity.

9. Monitor Sales in Real Time: This feature helps Admins to know how much sales conducted over a period of time (daily, monthly, yearly) which will ensure accurate cash balancing from employees and mitigate any form of point-of-sale theft by employee.

10. Detailed Reports: KDES SIMS allow admins to easily generate important reports such as Income Statement Report, Best Selling Product Report, Turnover Ratio Report, Sale Through Rate Report, Reorder Report and many more.

11. Cloud Backup: Hardware and software crash is always inevitable. In other to avoid data loss when such situation happens, KDES SIMS have a feature that allows Admins to perform regular backup of records to a remote cloud server. This backup can happen automatically provided there is an internet connection.

12. Cloud-Based and On-Premise Solutions: KDES SIMS can either be installed online or locally. Installing it online allows monitoring and tracking of stock in real-time and from any location, from any computer, from anywhere and wherever.

13. Stock Monitoring / Inventory Trend Analysis: KDES Stock monitoring lets you know the exact quantity of all the products in the stock, their locations, their monetary value, how much they were bought & many more.

14. User-Friendly & Staff Management: KDES SIMS offers a simplistic user-friendly interface, easy Navigation, ability to handle millions of records in few seconds as well as an effective staff management.

15. Barcode Printing: KDES SIMS allows business administrator to easily print barcode for products with no barcode.



System requirements are the various configurations that a system must have in order for a hardware or software

application to run smoothly and efficiently. Failure to meet these requirements can result to glitches in

performance of the application.

Hardware requirements: The minimum hardware (server) requirements for the KDES are:

1.     Processor: 2.00GHz Dual core

2.     RAM: 4 GB RAM

3.     Hard drive: 10 GB

4.     Monitor resolution: 1360 x 728

5.     2D Barcode Scanner (Optional)

6.     Receipt Printer – 58 X 297mm (Optional)

NB: The speed of the KDES depends on the speed of the Processor and size of the Ram

  Software requirements: The minimum software requirements for the KDES are:

1.    Offline(Operating system): windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016

2.    Online(Operating system): windows 7, windows 10, Windows 11

3.    Firefox, Chrome, Opera Browser etc  



1.    Onsite / On-premise Installation to a computer that will serve as the local server.

2.    Online Installation to a remote computer / server.

read Differences between Local POS (Offline) and Cloud-Based / Internet-Based POS (Online) and Their working principle

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