The Most Common Tricks Hackers Use to Hack Passwords


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Published 2 Years Ago On Monday, April 25, 2022
Updated 2 Years Ago On Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Hacking is all about having access to one thing which is - your passwordIf your password is short and simple, and someone was able to guess it correctly using some very common techniques or even supercomputers, it's game over.. They'll just log in to the target account and impersonate you. 

There are majorly eight common tactics or tricks hackers use to hack your password; it can be facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.

1. Dictionary Attack

First up in the eight most common password hacking tricks is the dictionary attack. Why is it called a dictionary attack? Because it automatically tries every word in a defined "dictionary" against the password. This dictionary is actually a small file containing the most commonly used password combinations. That includes 123456, qwerty, password, iloveyou, and the all-time classic, hunter2. The above table details the most leaked passwords in 2016. whereas the table below details the most leaked passwords in 2020.

Pros: Fast; will usually unlock some woefully protected accounts.

Cons: Even slightly stronger passwords will remain secure.

Stay safe: Use a strong single-use password for each of your account. this password should never contain any of your name, it shouldn't be your phone number, or any of the well known passwords.

2. Brute Force Attack

In brute force attack, an attacker tries every possible character combination. A brute force attack will also try the most commonly used alphanumeric character combinations first too. These include the previously listed passwords, as well as 1q2w3e4r5t, zxcvbnm, and qwertyuiop. It can take a very long time to figure out a password using this method, but that depends entirely on the complexity of the password.

Pros: Theoretically, it will crack any password by way of trying every combination.

Cons: Depending on password length and difficulty, it could take an extremely long time like 100, 000 years to get a strongly typed password. this is more like an impossible mission. 

Stay safe: Use a strong single-use password for each account. this password should be a combination of Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers and Special characters. In addition, this passwords should be atleast a minimum of 8 characters. Example of strong passwords: DestroTech!@2020, 12QueeN34~=, $$DollarMan1845

 3. Phishing Attack

This isn't strictly a "hack," but it is the act of falling prey to a phishing or spear-phishing attempt by a hacker or cyber criminal. see Major Types of Phishing Attacks scammers use to fool their victims