Top 5 Backend Frameworks To Learn As a Backend Developer

Written by: Idika Destiny

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Published 10 Months Ago On Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Am going to explain the following “backend frameworks” based on my personal research and experiences:
  1. Laravel
  2. Express
  3. Spring
  4. Django
  5. Core


ASP .NET Core is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications. ASP .NET Core is fully open-source and available on GitHub. it includes the latest features and innovations in MVC.

Its also a significant redesign of ASP.NET; This framework is very popular among several enterprises and companies who use the C# and windows products.

So learning ASP .NET Core now is very relevant and definitely worth the time.


Django is a high — level python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your application without needing to reinvent the wheel.

Python which happens to be the easiest programming language to learn has been getting lots of traction, becoming the most popular and in-demand language after JavaScript in some cases recently, therefore, making Django a good sort after skills in the web industry.


The spring framework is an application framework and inversion of control container for the java platform.

The framework’s core features can be used by any java application. Although the framework does not impose any specific programming model, it has become popular in the Java community.

Because of the popularity of Java as a programming language and the number of devices that run it, it makes Spring framework very popular among the Java Enterprises community.

So if you are a Java developer learning the Spring framework is a plus to your career.


Express is a web application framework for Node.JS. It is designed for building web applications and APIs.

Because of the current rise of JavaScript and the trending nature of NodeJS (a JavaScript run-time environment).

Express has become a very popular and high demand skill as a backend developer.


Laravel is a PHP framework for web artisans. It’s a free, open-source PHP framework intended for the development of web applications following the MVC pattern and based on Symfony.

We all know that PHP powers about 78.9% of all websites on the web, so the PHP programming language is vastly used for both enterprise and start-up web apps.

It’s also the most preferred language for startups, these statistics make Laravel even more popular and eventually one of the best backend framework to learn as a backend developer in my opinion.

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