How to easily transfer your domain away from Garanntor Web hosting company | How to get your domain EPP Code / Auth Code from Garanntor Web hosting company


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Published 2 Years Ago On Saturday, July 9, 2022

If you are among those people facing issues and lots of frustration from Garanntor Web hosting company and wish to transfer your domain away from them then this post is for you. read on to learn more. you are not alone.

I have been in that shoe, I faced countless of problems such as

1. Terrible Customer service
2. Terrible Email service
3. Difficulty / impossible to renew a domain once it expires
4. Website uptime issues which can last up to a month in most cases  though not always.
5. Delay in responding to emails, queries, issues, infact they stopped responding at all.
6. and many others.

I lost my domain because of the incompetence of Garanntor web hosting company. this was the defining factor that made me to look for solutions on how I can transfer my other domains away from Garanntor and save myself another loss of goodwill and credibility from my clients.

Before you can be able to transfer your domain to another registrar, you must  do the following:

1. Have access to the Epp code often called the Auth code.
2. Unlock the registrar lock of the domain.

The problem customers who registered their domain with Garanntor face is that, their is no option to see the EPP Code of the domain. too bad!!!!

Below is a detailed instruction on how I finally got the EPP Code of all the domain I had with Garanntor which allowed an easy transfer of my domains to another registrar.

Step 1: Login to your garanntor account

Step 2: Go-to My Domains -> Manage domains

Step 3: Click on the URL(Link) you will have something like this
write down the value of the id in the above link. in the example above mine is 12345

Step 4: Then finally copy the link below to your web browser
NB: Please replace the value of the Id with your own Id that you had earlier written down. 
Your EPP Code should be revealed πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°πŸ₯° hurrah!!!!!!

Step 5: Finally unlock the registrar lock by copying the link below to your web browser
NB: Remember to replace the value of the Id with  your own Id that you had earlier written down. 

Hopefully the below steps should help you transfer your domain to another registrar from Garanntor.

comment below if you have any question or click on the chat button to send me a message. 

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