What Does Wireless Charging Mean? and three different forms of Wireless Charging


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Published 2 Years Ago On Saturday, January 8, 2022

Wireless charging, also known as wireless power transfer (WPT), is the process of electrically charging battery-powered devices such as laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles without the need for a wired connection.

Wireless charging can be enabled through three different forms 

  1. Inductive Charging: this type of Wireless charging Uses electromagnetic waves to transfer energy and charge devices wirelessly. Inductive charging requires the device to come in physical contact with a Conductive charging pad which will be directly connected to electrical power. 

  2. Radio Charging: Similar to inductive charging, radio charging use radio waves to transfer electricity. In this type of charging, the device sits on a transmitter that uses radio waves to charge the device.
  3. Resonance Charging:  Consists of a sending (sender) copper coil and a receiving (receiver) copper coil at the device end. When the sender and receiver are in close proximity and set to the same electromagnetic frequency, electrical energy can be transferred. Resonance charging may also be referred to as over-the-air charging.

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