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Published 2 Years Ago On Saturday, January 8, 2022

A honeypot is a type of computer system used for trapping hackers or tracking unconventional or new hacking methods. Honeypots are designed to purposely engage and deceive hackers and identify malicious activities performed over the Internet. Multiple honeypots can be set on a network to form a honeynet.

Advantages of honeypots

  1. They are very ease to set.
  2. Honeypots seek small amounts of hacker information, however, the information is considered highly valuable for studying and uncovering hackers' motivations.

Honeypot systems are not very perfect, however, They contain the usual technology risks such as firewall penetration, broken encryption methods and failure to detect attacks.

In addition, honeypots are unable to detect attacks against systems that are not honeypot systems.

kinds/Type of honeypots.

Honeypot systems are classified based on their deployment method:

  1. Production Honeypot: This kind of honeypots are Used by companies and corporations for the purpose of researching the motives of hackers as well as diverting and mitigating the risk of attacks on the overall network.
  2. Research Honeypot: This kind of honeypots are Used by nonprofit organizations and educational institutions for the sole purpose of researching the motives and tactics of the hacker community for targeting different networks. Honeypots are not always designed to identify hackers.

Honeypot developers are often more interested in getting into the minds of hackers, which then permits them to design more secure systems, as well as to educate other professionals about the lessons learned through their efforts.

Overall, honeypots are considered an effective method to track hacker behavior and heighten the effectiveness of computer security tools.

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